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Ladies and gentlemen, fellow speedrunners,

When you are aboard the train toward Deling City, Irvine follows Selphie in the corridor. Then, Squall follows them and listen their conversation. Meanwhile, posts are processing behind the window, as shown in the image on your left. But unlike what is shown in this image, the posts aren't processing continuously but by series. The number of posts by series is defined with a subscript that also defines... the code to enter Caraway's Mansion!!

The manipulation is simple: count the posts that process by series and enter the values in the form on your left. You must enter the first line and then do your best for the next ones. Do not worry, you don't have to wait the end of the actual series and lose time; just remember if you left during one of the series or in between two.

Just a small warning: there are also series without posts! It is your sense of judgement that will allow you, thanks to the timing between the series, to determine if there were series of none or not.

For info, the subscript of a medium speedrunner is around 400.

you can download the file with all the values in order to search the code by yourself (more complicated, but more sure) at:


Good luck in your runs! And if you want to leave me a notice about if it worked or not, to thank me or insult me, do not hesitate! You can also follow me on Twitch.

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Updated on September 14, 2015

The site is able to find the code until subscript 700, wishing it's enough for intermediate and beginner runners.

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